My name is Todd Winant. As an Earth Walk Guide, Holistic Health and Life Coach, Deep Tissue Bodywork practitioner, and Earth Ambassador. I specialize in holding compassionate space and help guide people to get to their core issues of what’s holding them back from their greatest potential. I bring 30 years of experience to help people discover their own answers and develop transformative strategies to rebalance their lives. By unveiling root causes of inflammation on the physical, emotional, and situational levels we help create lasting change towards wellness in a holistic approach. I have been involved in Human Health Healing, Soul Awakening & Earth Environmental Education since 1983.

Being intimate and interactive with the land, the living elemental systems, our fellow species and the plant kingdom awakens us to a wider awareness that all life on Earth is one single sacred being.

When we realize Earth is a living conscious breathing being and interacting with us on every level, the Earth responds to us by communicating with us more deeply and intimately. As we slow down the Earth speaks to us through the sun, wind, water, land, tree and the animals. The more vulnerable and authentic we are the more we see the dark and light parts of ourselves which further grows our souls.

Walking in sacred places on the Earth and listening to what the wind has to say opens us to hearing more of what life is telling us. Hearing the old Earth stories and the original people’s mythologies reminds us of who we have been and who we strive to become. As we witness our past and present selves and our triggers, shadows and golden parts of ourselves our eternal souls wakes up more and more as we consciously witness the larger play of life unfolding. Walking, sitting and laying down on the Earth increases our ability to let go of old wounds and increases our capacity to feel and receive self love and Earth energy.

Over the years I have learned countless ways to help people become more conscious and be more present. Let’s pull the old unproductive patterns and stuck energy out of your body and reprogram and rewire you for the wiser you to step forth.

Earth Walk Guide Founder, Todd Winant

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“My life’s mission: Live life fully, awaken my soul to do the work I came here to do and help others wake up their souls if they so choose.”

“LightWorkers Awaken and join together in the greatest evolution of the human species, and it all starts with us learning to love ourselves and each other and then all life on Earth.”

Other Interests and Offerings

I have been in the health awareness and education field for over thirty years. I have been a deep tissue, myofacial release body worker since 1986. From 1990 – 1996 I co-created and co-directed the original Healthy School Lunch Program and co-authored the Healthy School Lunch Action Guide for EarthSave International. In 2006 I introduced Earth Voice Food Choice, a complete project contained in a manual and DVD to help people have planet-based foods served in schools. During this time I have also been a guide on the land in Sedona, Arizona assisting people to open up to their true potential.

I have further focused my Health Coaching skills with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. With my knowledge, we can co-create completely personalized actions based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.

Experience a personalized journey and how “everything” influences the relationship to your own health, healing and life.

A Ho, Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related)

As a guide, coach and bodyworker I specialize in helping people recognize their conscious and unconscious triggers and then help unmask their core shadow reactions and behaviors to these triggers. This process assists in awakening people to their life’s gifts, potential, health and joy.

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In addition to my passion for Earth Walking, Holistic Health and Life Coaching, I am engaged in several other projects and studies to support our vision for a better world…

Earth Voice Food Choice Project

“Getting Real About Our Food Choices”
This multimedia DVD and Book project is for Teachers, Parents, Young People and Food Personnel to learn about healthier food choices and then inspire others to eat more whole, organically grown plant foods and less chemically processed animal and junk foods. CHECK IT OUT HERE…

“The Plants are the only thing on this planet that can combine the Sun, Air, Water and Earth and make EVERYTHING!”
~ Todd Winant

“Eat more plant foods, less animals, eat more whole foods less processed, eat more organic foods less chemicals”
~ Todd Winant

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Todd Winant lives in Sedona, Arizona. Todd is a student of the healing arts. He is an Earth Walk Guide and is a deep tissue emotional and physical release body work practitioner.

Todd coaches and guides people to reach their full life potential.

PO Box 4172, Sedona, AZ 86340

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Our Mission - To awaken people to the realization that humans, the Earth, and all other life forms on this planet are one single, sacred organism, and that all humans constitute one tribe - Earth-People

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