The Earth provides all we need to sustain us. Aside from food and shelter, our Mother Earth provides sanctuary for healing our spirit. Walking on the land brings us back to the essence of all existence and invites us to embrace deep and cleansing gratitude and compassion for all living things. Join me for a sojourn in the sacred spaces of Sedona. As your EARTH WALK GUIDE, it is my honor to bring you closer to the Earth and yourself.


As an Earth Walk Guide, I can take you out and in at the same time, finding understanding and peace with life’s anguish and joys through exercises and ceremony to ignite your spirit. It is truly a soul cleansing experience!

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Earth Walk Guide, Todd Winant I have been guiding people on the land for most of my life. At first it was just with friends and family. I noticed during these adventures that the expansiveness of nature offered a place of permission to be open and connected in deep and profound ways. The timeless cradle of nature accepting our worst and inspiring our best.

Eventually I started sharing this with clients as part of my life coaching process. Their experiences were amazing, with profound and lasting breakthroughs, supported by the sanctuary of the land. They opened to the intricate simplicity that courses through all life, remembering their connection to all things.

In addition to my Holistic Health and Life Coaching offerings, one of my favorite ways of working with people is on the land as an Earth Walk Guide. Sedona is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and has a very unique frequency for helping people see beyond the veil. My Earth Walk Guide offering is a powerful, deeply insightful and nurturing experience. The inspiring scenery and energy in Sedona create a space of both openness and introspection that are supportive to those looking to deepen their inner connection to their souls while gaining more awareness of their world.

Earth Walk Guide Offerings Include: Hiking, Medicine Wheel, Health/Life Coaching, Geology, Mythology, Ceremony, Guided Meditation, Spiritual Counsel, Botany, Story, Flute, Drum, Rattle and Song. It’s truly amazing what can be experienced in a few hours. Please inquire below if you would like to know more…

“Wow! This is not an ordinary tour, it’s an external tour as much as it is internal! Be prepared to see majestic vistas and holy grounds but also be prepared to go within and release whatever no longer serves you.”

Mary T

Earthwalk Guide Client

Photos of Earth Walking in Sedona
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Are you ready to experience nature’s profound healing?

Join me for an Earth Walk in Sedona, one of Earth’s most beautiful and powerful places.
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Todd Winant lives in Sedona, Arizona. Todd is a student of the healing arts. He is an Earth Walk Guide and is a deep tissue emotional and physical release body work practitioner.

Todd coaches and guides people to reach their full life potential.

PO Box 4172, Sedona, AZ 86340

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Our Mission - To awaken people to the realization that humans, the Earth, and all other life forms on this planet are one single, sacred organism, and that all humans constitute one tribe - Earth-People

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